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How to install filter fan

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2021/03/15 10:09

Why do we need filter fan inside enclosure?Filter fan can reduce heat from electric equipment then protect components running properly in the best condition

How to choose the right filter fan


A filter fan is composed of fan, grill, filter mat and fan guard


Fan Direction

The fan direction can be reverse once needed, we recommend air-in directly, that means air outside the enclosure flow through the filter to the enclosure. In this way, dusts can be blocked by the filter mat, if fan reversed, dusts could be sucked from every gaps on enclosure under the whole air circulation,which can lead to electric components failure.



Cut-out position

A, fan filter will work only when inside temperature over outside, since hot air is lighter than cold air, enclosure hot air will rise up to the top area, thus front and side top is the best position for air-in, and bottom for exit.

B, when the heat equipment on the top or front and side that no space to cutout, roof fan filter is the solution, fan direction will change to air-out.



Air flow range: 20-950m3/h

Material: ABS,UL94-V0

IP 54、55

Quick filter mat replacement

Fan direction reverse-able